Note from the musical side of this project…

The Duende Project (the band in which I do poetry and a little guitar while three really great musicians make it all sound good) just released a free download of the poem “Falconers,” a tribute to librarians everywhere — you can read more about it at the site.  Available for free or pay what you want right now.

All of our other work is there too — buy single tracks from any of our five albums, or grab the whole discography as a download for one discounted price.

thanks in advance, 


NOTE:  If you are having trouble listening to or downloading anything, could you let me know?  There MAY be an issue outside the USA but I’m having trouble pinpointing it.  Thanks.

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7 responses to “Note from the musical side of this project…

  • Léa

    Tony, I was disappointed while trying to listen. If it isn’t my connection, perhaps my computer? I really don’t know. What I could hear I liked but there are reservations about trying to download with such a problem…

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