Daily Archives: April 25, 2016

The World At War

How many must still enjoy
World War II
that it rolls endlessly on
basic cable channels
newsreel upon newsreel
propaganda piled on

getting what must be
satisfactory ratings

There’s never been a time
in my entirely postwar life
when I could not find a program
somewhere on the schedule
that once again
laid it all out
from Poland to Nagasaki

I think it must be
the machinery
the tanks and planes and ships of course
but more 
the effortless conversion
of men into cogs

and the smoke
and the sorrow of the enemy
and the burning of the bodies
and the smiles upon victory

a barely concealed
glee and fascination

with all the permissions 
that were granted
for horrible actions

and at last the resolution
that has allowed for
a lifetime of sequels


Originally posted 4/27/2014.

God says 
in order to find peace 

link arms with it
ride it beyond death

we must seek one pebble 
in one gravel bed 

find one rootlet on one tree 
in one forest 

then cleave to them 
and forsake all others

We take that as true 
but we misunderstand it

Holy is not held
in the stone 
or the root

Holy instead 
is held in the search

Holy the touch of each stone
we turn over

Holy each time we plunge our hands
into the soil 
while seeking the Root

Holy even the choice to say
there is no need to search

Holy even to pick up a random stone 
skip it over a pond

point after it and know
that path is as good as any

This Is The Place

this is the place

where I could run into the street directly from stage
screaming “can I get 
some DMT here and then
I need to borrow a nail gun
just for an hour I promise”
and no one will blink

they’ll call it creative
they’ll call it a performance piece
they’ll call me eccentric

this is the place

where while on acid in college
I could holler
“you fucking pigs”
at cops while sitting 
cleaning my nails with a knife
in shorts while sitting in a snowbank
and never see the inside of a cell

they called me troubled
they called me lost
they called it an isolated incident

this is the place

where yesterday I yelled my way out of
a truly undeserved ticket
by simply telling the cop
they were full of shit
and no way I did that
and did I look like the kind of person
who’d do that 

they decided I didn’t
they let me go
they let me drive away still fuming and punching the wheel

this is the place

where I get away with all that
where I live to tell the tale
where no one has ever tried to choke or shoot me 
for being an asshole
for being an idiot
for being a kid

they find another way
they have an alternative solution
they have darker fish to fry