Daily Archives: April 21, 2016

For You

(for Prince Rogers Nelson, 1958-2016)

did you hear a chord upon departing
that explained all

did you in that moment make a desperate grab
for your guitar but

(that being out of reach) did you then
change your mind and ask

for a moment or two more
to savor that ringing but

(that becoming impossible)
come then to a realization

that you yourself were the chord
being played

and so on you went with it
all the way through to the fade

and then
to the fade out


To be startled awake,

to become suddenly aware of 
ancestral animals
coiled within you,
dreaming —

to forget your name,
your income and
your furniture, all your

to get up and dress and step outside

and stand
in the chill
under full moon and

let its light stir
all those inner beasts, let them
open their eyes
and see through your eyes and
feel them wondering where they are
as they turn and stretch and then
resettle into their long sleep
with reset dreams,

is to be forced to choose

you should go back
into the cluttered house
and sleep

or sit down on the sidewalk,
your back pressed
to the stone wall that frames
your tiny yard, looking up with 

yawns and whimpers vibrating
in your bones, shivering
in delight as you wait
for dawn and whatever
comes after dawn.