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Very pleased to receive my contributor’s copy of “Delirious,” an anthology of poems in tribute to Prince, in today’s mail.

Thanks to NightBallet Press for including my poem, “For You.”

Here’s where to get it, and its entry on Goodreads.  


On the day 
Prince and Lonnie Mack passed 
from Mali to Malibu
stared at their instruments
for hours in silence
trying to decide
between immolation
and drowning. 

On the day after
Prince and Lonnie Mack passed
in bedrooms and arenas,
singed or soaked,
slapped out the flames
or toweled off their hands
and played,
or competently
or well,

fire and flood
and around and
inside them.

For You

(for Prince Rogers Nelson, 1958-2016)

did you hear a chord upon departing
that explained all

did you in that moment make a desperate grab
for your guitar but

(that being out of reach) did you then
change your mind and ask

for a moment or two more
to savor that ringing but

(that becoming impossible)
come then to a realization

that you yourself were the chord
being played

and so on you went with it
all the way through to the fade

and then
to the fade out