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Just a reminder…

I get a good part of my monthly income thru Patreon. Subscribers get access to exclusive content, special events, and rewards based on level of support.

Tomorrow night I’m running An open mic/Zoom event on the site for all patrons. The link is available to patrons only. You can become a patron for as little as $1/month.

Here is a link to the site if you are interested…


A little something different today…

Here’s video of a performance I did back in June. Many thanks to the Garage Poets for posting it. 

Tony Brown featuring at the Walnut Street Cafe


The poem I posted this morning, “Fox On The Run,” is the 107th new poem I’ve posted on the blog this year.

I started keeping track of how many new poems I’ve posted on this blog on January 1st, 2010. This poem is number 4,000 over that time period. There are probably another 3,000 or so in the archives I’ve kept, online and on paper, since 1974.

That works out to about .89 poems a day, which seems like a reasonable way of putting it as many aren’t even real poems according to some folks. (Don’t listen to them. Let’s round up and say it’s an average of a poem a day, shall we?)

I’ve always nicknamed this bookkeeping “the Meaningless Goal,” although it has a more specific meaning and purpose for me that I don’t share with others, and I won’t share here.

More to the point, it represents a way of looking at the Work I Do that I think does matter — which is that many of them, most of them in fact, are mediocre at best and do more for the Work as a whole than they do standing alone as indivdual poems. I just decided to make it all public and available, rather than hiding it away.

I have a manuscript of selected poems in progress now. It stands at about 50 poems I’d be glad to be remembered for when I die. I’m ok with that. The blog will remain as the rest of the iceberg I struck upon before sinking. I’m ok with that too.

I’m not done adding to the Work yet, but I thought it worth noting that as poets go, I’m only moderately talented but I put in work to the point of exhaustion sometimes.

I try not to fall into the trap of putting any individual poem’s perfection before its service to the Work overall. (In other words, I edit and polish but recall that there’s always another poem to be written.)

I’m 62 and I feel like I’m just now getting to be the poet I knew I could be.

Back to work.

A glimpse into process…

Sunday mornings for me are for Poetry Administration Work.

I transfer work posted on the blog during the week before to my “chronological collections” word processing files, which run for six months at a time (so right now I’m completing a file from 1-1-2022 which will be closed on 6-30-2022; I’ll start a new one on 7-1-2022 which will run till year’s end, etc.) and do any editing that occurs to me in the moment as I’m moving them — line breaks, etc, or sometimes more extensive stuff.

The active file is 162 pages long right now.

If I have a reading coming up in the next week, I start pulling that together as well, going through older files as well as recent ones to build a set. Ditto with eBooks I’m pulling together for my Patreon subscribers.

Work on the full length manuscript goes on throughout the week, as does the generation of new Work. I’m generally up before 6 each day to do that stuff, and will work on that for a few hours before transitioning to my “day job” of training design and delivery and hustling for new clients.

Driving back and forth to and doing family stuff in Uxbridge as needed, guitar practice and recording, and just “being here” in general round out my days.

You wonder why I push the Patreon site as much as I do. I work hard for not enough money.

Here I am, doing it again in fact. 

My Patreon site…

Well, I’ll be…

Thanks to the WCPA for this honor.  

And thanks to all of you for helping make it happen — the place where I work out my work. You matter.

Still plugging away

Still plugging away at a full length manuscript, and still managing (for over three years now) to make some of my regular income from being a poet. 

The Patreon site is here if anyone’s down to join up.  Quarterly rewards, eBooks, discussions on craft, etc. Come check it out and join in for as little as $1/month.  


New eBook on the way for my Patrons

Just ended work for the day on the first quarter eBook for my patrons at the $15/up level, a volume of some of the longer poems and poem sequences I’ve done over the years.  Most of these do not appear here on the Dark Matter blog, btw.

I’ve got short commentaries for each sequence left to finish and then I’ll format it for ePub and PDF, after which it will be distributed to the lucky (?) patrons.

Still trying to decide about one piece which I think is kind of an interesting but decided failure — thought it might be useful from an educational standpoint on process. Will I revise it or put it out there, warts and all? We shall see…

You too can join in the fun and be a part of the madness…if you become a patron. Rewards will be shifting soon but even at the $1/month level, something will always be there. Promise.

My Patreon site…

New eBook on Patreon

I’ve compiled and posted a new eBook, “The Old Poet’s Handbook,” for my $15/month patrons on my Patreon site.

Just in case you were, y’know, interested….


Two of my poems have recently been published here:


Good online journal, and overall worth your time and consideration.

Be back soon

Just getting through some stuff. Back soon. Sorry about the delay.


eBooks available!

I have eBooks/PDFs of my work available for sale to those who might be interested. All were previously offered as rewards to various tiers of my Patreon subscribers (a program I will be continuing there, btw). If you want access to the most recent collections as they come out, I’d go there. Just sayin’.

The titles include:
Annual “best of the year” collections. Currently available: 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020, and 2021.

“Then Play On,” a chapbook of poems about music

Pushpins and Thumbtacks,” a volume about icons and cliches of American culture

“Noted In Passing,” a revised eBook of a chapbook from 2012 that was a limited edition written for a single feature

“White Pages,” my collection of poems related to race and its role in my life

Decay Diary,” a collection of poems about aging

In the Time Of Contagion,” a collection of poems about you-know-what

“The Wrong Flowers,” a prose/poetry meditation on the state of the USA in 2020

Show Your Work,” an eBook version of an earlier, out of print chapbook.

“The Day,” a selection from 20 years of poems about 9/11/01.

“Ideation,” a short collection of poems old and new about living with depression and suicidal ideation.

“Long Winded,” a collection of longer poems.

“songs for reluctant warriors,” poems for the US political moment of early summer, 2022.

Minimal # of repeats among the collections.

All are available as both PDF and ePUB formats.

If you are interested, let me know with a comment on this post. Right now? They are 1 for $5 through Paypal, 3 for $12. We can talk about more if you want more.


Live performance….?

If anyone’s interested, I’ll be livestreaming a performance of my work at 7PM Eastern Daylight Time, US on my Facebook page:

Dark Matter: Tony Brown’s Poetry Blog

eBooks for sale…

In the interest of some financial need, I am making 8 eBooks/PDFs of my work available for sale to those who might be interested.

They’ll only be available here for the moment; all were previously offered as rewards to various tiers of my Patreon subscribers, a program I will be continuing there, btw.

The titles include:
—  Three annual “best of” collections from 2017, 2018, and 2019
— “Then Play On,” a chapbook of poems about music
— “Pushpins and Thumbtacks,” a volume about icons and cliches of American culture
— “Noted In Passing,” from 2012 that was a limited edition written for a single feature
— “White Pages,” my collection of poems related to race and its role in my life
— “Decay Diary,” a collection of poems about aging

Minimal # of repeats among the collections.

I’m working on converting them all into both PDF and ePUB format over the next day or so. Right now, I have them all as PDFs and four of them as ePUBs.

If you are interested, let me know. Right now thinking 1 for $5 through Paypal, 3 for $12. We can talk about more if you want more.


Please let me know if you are interested through my email at tony.w.brown AT gmail.

Thanks in advance,

Pause in the moment for some music…

I’m taking a small break from poetry at the moment to concentrate on a couple of other projects…

While you’re waiting, thought I’d take a moment to suggest that you give the other side of the creative coin some time by listening to the work of my band, The Duende Project, on Spotify.  

Here’s a link to our latest album, a live set recorded just about a year ago in Providence, RI.  

The Duende Project Live at AS220

We are also on all the other streaming services as well.  


Pushcart nomination…

Very pleased to note that Radius, an excellent online journal, has nominated my poem “The Patriarchy Apologizes” for a 2018 Pushcart Prize.

You can read the nomination essay and link to the nomination poems here.

Thanks to the editorial staff at Radius for the honor.