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Pause in the moment for some music…

I’m taking a small break from poetry at the moment to concentrate on a couple of other projects…

While you’re waiting, thought I’d take a moment to suggest that you give the other side of the creative coin some time by listening to the work of my band, The Duende Project, on Spotify.  

Here’s a link to our latest album, a live set recorded just about a year ago in Providence, RI.  

The Duende Project Live at AS220

We are also on all the other streaming services as well.  


The band in action…

For those of you unfamiliar with my band, The Duende Project:  we are a quartet (Chris O’Donnell on drums, Chris Lawton on guitar, Steven Lanning-Cafaro on bass, guitar, and keyboards, and yours truly on vocals/poetry and guitar) who play eclectic jazz, funk, rock, blues, and more to back up my poems.  

This is a link to a video of an entire set at AS220 in Providence, RI, USA on May 29th of this year.  

Hope you enjoy it…

The Duende Project in action!

News Story with The Duende Project in it…

Hey all…this is a link to a story about a big special project my band was involved with.  I’ll let you read it for yourself for the details, and there’s a whole playlist of all the contributions you can listen to.  

We’re in there with covers of “Danger Zone” and a solo performance on guitar and vocal by yours truly on “Flashdance.”  

Hope you enjoy it.

The Great Cover Song Challenge

Patreon update

Many thanks to those of you who’ve spent some time looking at the Patreon site I recently created, with special thanks to those of you who’ve pledged.  I’m prepping the first rewards now; it’s a slow process due to a pinched nerve I have in my hand which is hindering my typing to some extent.  But it’s exciting, and I’ll be sending them out soon.

For more information, you can visit the site here, or check out the related page on this site under the tab at the top of the home page. 


Event coming up…

On Wednesday night, May 10, I’ll be performing a special set of my work for the Maine Organization Of Storytelling Enthusiasts (MOOSE — get it?) at the Portland, ME Public Library.  The event will run from 7-9 PM and will be in the main branch at 5 Monument Square.  

If you are a regular reader of my work here, I’d love to see and meet you there.  I promise I’ve got something special planned and I hope that if you can be there, you’ll leave saying that you experienced something unique and worthwhile.

Looking forward to Wednesday!

About those other projects…

Hi, Dark Matter readers!

I’ve been quite busy of late on a variety of writing projects as well as some things related to my band, The Duende Project.  The most recent post on the Website for that side of what I do gives out a whole bunch of info, including some recent publications and other musical activities of the band.

You can see that post at:

I hope you might take a moment to check it out.  Thanks!


NEW BOOK is out!

I rarely publish my work except in odd anthologies and the occasional journal; this blog usually answers the need for me.  Once in a while, though, I pull together a group of somewhat related poems and find a way to get them out as a self-contained chapbook.

My latest effort like this, “In The Embers,” is freshly out from Tired Hearts Press.

I’m extremely proud of this collection, and the publishers did a more than fine job of creating a beautiful chapbook to showcase it.  It’s lovely to look at and hold and read.  

At the moment, the book is not yet available on their Website but will be shortly.  When it is, I strongly encourage you to buy it from them.  The press has a tradition of contributing a portion of sales to organizations that work on suicide prevention, and that’s a cause I strongly support — in fact, it’s another reason I submitted the manuscript to their contest in the first place. I’ve asked that ALL net proceeds from their sales be contributed to such efforts, and they’ve agreed.

I’ll keep you posted about its availability, but here’s the link to save if you’re so inclined :

Many thanks in advance to all of you who purchase it.


Very pleased to receive my contributor’s copy of “Delirious,” an anthology of poems in tribute to Prince, in today’s mail.

Thanks to NightBallet Press for including my poem, “For You.”

Here’s where to get it, and its entry on Goodreads.  

Note from the musical side of this project…

The Duende Project (the band in which I do poetry and a little guitar while three really great musicians make it all sound good) just released a free download of the poem “Falconers,” a tribute to librarians everywhere — you can read more about it at the site.  Available for free or pay what you want right now.

All of our other work is there too — buy single tracks from any of our five albums, or grab the whole discography as a download for one discounted price.

thanks in advance, 


NOTE:  If you are having trouble listening to or downloading anything, could you let me know?  There MAY be an issue outside the USA but I’m having trouble pinpointing it.  Thanks.


Hi readers…

I’ve got three poems up today at the sublime online journal Drunk In A Midnight Choir.  A journal of eclectic writing well worth your time beyond just my stuff, I promise.

In addition, they’ve recently released an anthology of writing from their first year, and it’s got a few more of my pieces in it.  Go get it here if you’re so inclined:

Also: FreezeRay Press, based in Oklahoma City, has just released a stunning anthology of poems about pop music, covering folks as diverse as Taylor Swift, DMX, AC/DC, and Prince.  I’ve got a piece in it about coming to terms with the legacy of English songwriter Nick Drake.  Really excellent work all around from some great poets.  

Go check out Again I Wait For This To Pull Apart.  

Really honored to be among the poets in these journals and anthologies.  I hope you’ll consider a purchase of one or the other or both books and support the independent press.



Wanna hear and see some poetry and music in action?

Then head on over to the site for my poetry and music project, “The Duende Project.” 

There’s a lot of info about us on there, and the most recent blog post has links to new videos of a duo performance we did on January 3rd, 2016 in Worcester MA. You’ll get to see me mangle a guitar and see bassist/nylon-string guitar genius, Steven Lanning-Cafaro, as he pulls our cookies out of the fire each time. 

Seriously — it was a good set and I hope you enjoy these videos, shot by Duende Project guitarist Chris Lawton.

Quick note

I know there’s been little new stuff here lately — a combination of being really busy with my business and being somewhat under the weather with a nasty cold/respiratory thing.  I’m healing, but will likely take the next week or so off to catch up on some other things and be back up to speed on July 6th.  Please feel free to peruse and read back archives till then, and be well.  Thanks for reading.

By the way…my OTHER project is…

I’ve mentioned here and there that I perform much of the time with a tight jazz/rock/funk/folk/what have you band, The Duende Project.  I do the poetry and play a little guitar and cuatro while Steven “Faro” Lanning-Cafaro (electric and upright acoustic bass, nylon string guitar, and archtop jazz guitar), Chris Lawton (electric and acoustic guitars, Dobro, banjo, mandolin), and Chris “O-D” O’Donnell (drums) do the heavy lifting behind that.

Here’s a cut from our most recent album, featuring Faro on 5-string electric bass and O-D on drums.

Zodiac Mindwarp, by The Duende Project.

If you like this or any of our other work — and there are five albums worth at that site — it’s all available for purchase.  But not really pushing that — just thought you might like to hear what we do.

Publication news…

Just received this news from Tired Hearts Press:

After a painstaking reading process, we’ve finally selected this year’s Tired Hearts finalists.

That being said, we are proud to announce the Tired Hearts Press Class of 2014:

Benjamin Barker
Tony Brown
Megan Falley
Thomas Fucaloro

We’re also ecstatic to finally announce this year’s editor’s pick, who was selected prior to the launch of the chapbook contest, but who’s been kept a secret until now: Hanif Willis-Abdurraqib 

Congratulations to the newest members of the Tired Hearts family, and endless thanks to every single person who took the time and heart and work to send us manuscripts this year. All of your work is necessary, and, for it, we will be forever grateful.


I’m thrilled to announce this, to be among those incredible writers, and to say that my chapbook “In The Embers” will indeed be published as a result.  

Details as they become available.

Quick plug for The Duende Project…

…which is my project that weds music and poetry into a genre some call “wordrock.”  There are a number of bands in the genre and we pride ourselves as being frequently mentioned as one of the best.

The band features Chris O’Donnell on drums; Chris Lawton on electric and acoustic guitars, resonator guitar, mandolin, and banjo; Steven Lanning-Cafaro on electric bass, stand up acoustic bass, and nylon-string guitar; and yours truly on vocals and occasional electric and acoustic guitars.  

If you’d like to hear some of our jazz/funk/rock and poetry, and maybe even purchase a track or two or a whole album, the link is: