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In case you are interested…

I’m taking a moment here to plug the work of my poetry and music ensemble, The Duende Project…If you’d like to hear tracks and perhaps purchase a track or two, maybe an entire album, you may want to visit:

for our show schedule and links to purchase pieces.  Or, if you’d prefer to go directly to the purchase site:

Thanks in advance for whatever consideration you may give this…

A note for all subscribers:

If you ever want to check out one of my solo readings or a show by my music and poetry ensemble “The Duende Project,”  you can always go check out a constantly updated schedule here:

You can listen to tracks,  see videos, and generally keep up with what the band is doing.  Usually list my solo readings on that as well.

If you decide you want to purchase one of our albums, you can go look us up on, eMusic, etc for the first two, and go directly to this site for the two most recent ones:

Poetry matched to excellent, jazz/funk tinged bass, nylon-string guitar, and drums.  



Note to regular subscribers: The Duende Project

Wanted to suggest to all the regular subscribers to the blog that you might want to take a look and give a quick listen to the new CD from my poetry and music band, “The Duende Project.”  

It’d be great if you thought about purchasing a track or even the whole album, too, of course,  but mostly I’d love it if you gave it a listen. Performing and playing with Steven and Chris is a critical part of how the poetry gets out there for me.  I’d love it if some of you who read the work regularly got a sense of what that is like.

Thanks in advance,


Shameless Plug

Some of you are aware that in addition to posting poems on this blog, I also have a career of doing readings and performance of these poems  — many with my long term collaborator Steven Lanning-Cafaro on electric bass and nylon string guitar in a duo called The Duende Project.

Recently, we added a drummer to the group.  Chris O’Donnell has changed the very nature of the Duende Project and made it more visceral, more physical.  We’re thrilled with the change and are looking forward to a long collaboration.  (They even let me play guitar with them now and then, which is humbling indeed…)

Our first CD as a trio was released today!  If you are at all interested in checking it out, it’s available for sale at:

Thanks in advance for any consideration you may give that…onward…

NB:   other albums are available there and on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, etc….plus, we’re available for streaming on Spotify, Pandora, etc.  Just search for “The Duende Project.”

New Duende Project Album up!

The Duende Project:  One Thing That Scares You

We have just released our fourth album — a live recording of twelve brand new tracks.    The title derives from our motto in peformance — “Always do one thing that scares you.”  That night, we did a lot of scary things…

It’s only 7 bucks, with the option to pay more if you like.  All tracks can be downloaded as any format you like.  And Bandcamp as a site is great to artists, so that’s something to consider.

I don’t often plug Duende Project stuff and shows here…but I’m proud of what Steve and I did on this.  Would appreciate it if you took a look and considered a purchase, even if it’s just one track.


New recording up at my Reverbnation site…

Long time followers of Dark Matter will recall that I also have a performance duo called “The Duende Project,”  which pairs me and my poetry and occasional guitar fumblings with the truly talented bass and acoustic guitar work of Steven Lanning- Cafaro.  We are preparing to release our fourth album together, “One Thing That Scares You” in the next few days…

If you’d like to hear what we’re all about, head on over to Reverbnation and right now if you join our mailing list you can get a free download of “Scenes From Geppetto Town,”  a non-album cut for a special project I will talk about at a later date.  It features an unsparing look at my hometown of Worcester, MA, and some really stellar six-string electric bass work by Faro.  (Yes, when you hear it you will likely say, “Electric Bass?”  Trust me — one guy, one bass.  

The Duende Project on Reverbnation


Duende Project cut from the new album…sneak preview!

Thought I’d give you a sneak peak of the new Duende Project album…a little poetry, a lot of slap bass.

Kinda just goofing around, but seriously so.

Not sure how this will reflect the final mix or even what ends up on the album…but I hope it gives you a flavor of the night…and there MIGHT even be some video of this up shortly.

Anyway, here’s the link: 


Very pleased to say that “Americanized,” the 2008 album by my poetry and music duo “The Duende Project,” is now available on iTunes and for purchase…

Our first effort at a focused and coherent suite of pieces, the album is an extended meditation on the nature of what it means to be an American. Includes work focused on heritage, identity, and larger social issues.  My vocals backed by my performance partner Steven Lanning-Cafaro’s virtuoso electric bass and mylon string guitar.

You now have two album choices from us, including our most recent release “The Duende Project” — and other outlets will follow soon (eMusic, etc.) for both.

Please visit the iTunes store, search for “The Duende Project,” and give us a listen.  Consider making a purchase of one track or either whole album!  Thanks…

While you’re waiting for new poems…

you might want to take a look at a whole host of new videos of The Duende Project, my poetry and music collaboration with bassist/guitarist Steven Lanning-Cafaro.  We’ve been out there a lot lately, and I think the videos show off our various pieces quite well.

Check out all of our videos at: 

A Duende Project performance video for you…

Thought I’d take a break from posting poems to offer you this:  a video of my poetry and music collaborative effort, The Duende Project, at a tribute to Kurt Vonnegut Jr.  The event took place on September 22, 2011, in Somerville MA and featured a number of wonderful poets, including Charles Coe and Daphne Gottlieb among many other artists, writers, and musicians.

I posted the text of the poem a few days ago if you care to read it.

Hope you enjoy.

For Kurt, On the Other Side, Mowing The Lawn 


The latest album of work from “The Duende Project,” my collaboration with bass player/guitarist Steven Lanning-Cafaro, is now available on iTunes and  More outlets to be announced in coming weeks.

Titled, cleverly enough, “The Duende Project,”  it offers 16 tracks of my poetry wedded to Faro’s jazz/rock/funk eclecticism.

We’re very proud of the latest from this 5 year collaboration, and hope you’ll think about purchasing one or more tracks.  Just look up “The Duende Project” on iTunes, and check us out.


New Indiefeed podcast of The Duende Project is available!

The Indiefeed Performance Poetry channel is offering a podcast of “Interrogation” from the Duende Project’s new album right now for free download.  Includes a flattering and blush-inducing commentary from host Mongo Bearwolf.  

For those visitors here new to the Duende Project, it’s the music and poetry project I’m in with virtuoso electric bass player/nylon-string guitarist Steven Lanning-Cafaro, with whom I’ve released three CDs of collaborative work.  This cut features Faro on a brilliant and sinister tapped bass line.  More info can be found on the “Show Schedule, Tracks, and More” page on this site.

Check this and other fine performance poetry cuts out here:  Indiefeed.   

Upcoming Shows for The Duende Project

If you’re in RI, Worcester MA, or central CT during the month of June, you’ve got some opportunities to see The Duende Project in performance.

Check out the “Show Schedules” tab on the top of the page, or head directly over to our Reverbnation site.

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Just a Note To The Regular Readers…

I’ve recently completed a lot of new poems and am taking a little time away from posting new work to revise and pull together a full manuscript for submission, as well as another round of sending stuff out to journals. 

My own pay-the-bills work is picking up over the next week or two, so that’ll also be keeping me busy.

If you’re at all interested in seeing me read some of this new stuff as well as older work in the next few weeks, I’ll be in a few venues in the CT and NYC areas….

this Friday, April 30, at the Nuyorican Poet’s Cafe (3rd ST between Avenues C and D, 10 PM);

with Duende at the Cafemantic in Willimantic CT on Monday , May 3rd, at 7:00 PM;

and me solo again at the Peekskill NY Field Library and White Plains NY Public Library on Wednesday, May 5th.  Peekskill show from 3:30 to 5, White Plains 6:30 to 9:30. 

Would love to see you there.

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Who wants Duende to come visit?

Here is Duende’s — and my — current gig schedule on the Reverbnation site.

We’re looking for gigs, actively, in the relatively local area…say, New England, New York, New Jersey, etc. Got new material…can’t tour extensively at the moment, but would love to get out and play…check out tracks and let us know if you’d like to book us.

We promise to be good.


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