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The Pattern Song (first draft)

The sung sections of a new Duende Project piece, still in progress. Stay tuned

Everything has a political component 
If you learn to see 
you’ll surely agree

Everything has a political component
The slant hits you 
as you think it through

Everything has a political component
Every gear that turns
Every tree that burns

Everything has a political component
Folks can help you see
but their time ain’t free

A little extra

As you know the name of the blog is “Dark Matter,” but the URL is “radioactiveart.blog.”

Here’s where the name came from. The poem goes back over 20 years, and can be found in the “Poems From The Slam Years” page on the blog if you want to read it.

I’ve had the music for it for a while, but only sat down to record it tonight. 

Hope you enjoy.

Radioactive Artist

Fever Ball

Part of a secret project…!

see them all?

at first

peacock boys slide
their glorious backs 
along the walls

glowing girls
dance together
out on the floor
away from the shadows
on the walls

but then say

who dares to say
which is which
who is who

shoulders upon shoulders
bodies spin against 
time and convention
to ratchet rasping rhythm

in a ghost ballroom

a ruinous city 

perhaps new Paris
or old Havana
or a pure fiction
of both at once

awash in peril and sex

their glitter hands
roaming and now

under the roar of sacred danger
see them glide into 
this jeweled wake
this fever cotillion
of open desire
and clandestine tension

see them all as they move
along the walls

away from the walls

hear them

Drive It Like You Stole It

She pointed to the road
Said let’s go for a ride
Got the car right here
Let’s get going

She gave me the keys
I turned it over once
Started a little rough
Then it started purring

Asked her, “Is there anything 
I should know before we go”
She sat back and said
“Just drive it like you stole it”

Drive it like you stole it
Drive it like you stole it

Just drive it like you stole it
Drive it like you stole it

There’s nothing safe about love
Ride as rough as a moonshiner’s road
Until you find the sweet spot
Then it’s smooth as a freeway

She said let me drive
I gave up the wheel

I said “I promise I won’t quit on you”
She just smiled and punched the gas
Started ticking like a perfect clock

I’m not the kind to let that go

We’re ticking like a perfect clock
That tells the right time all the time
Ticking like a perfect clock
Clicking on all cylinders

Drive it like you stole it
Drive it like you stole it
Just sit beside me while we drive
We’ll drive it like we stole it

Pause in the moment for some music…

I’m taking a small break from poetry at the moment to concentrate on a couple of other projects…

While you’re waiting, thought I’d take a moment to suggest that you give the other side of the creative coin some time by listening to the work of my band, The Duende Project, on Spotify.  

Here’s a link to our latest album, a live set recorded just about a year ago in Providence, RI.  

The Duende Project Live at AS220

We are also on all the other streaming services as well.  


Want to hear a poem or two?

Indiefeed, the premier site for podcasts of live poetry of ALL sorts, has long been a supporter of the poetry and music ensemble I perform and record with, The Duende Project.  Here’s a podcast with commentary on a cut from our last album, “Basement Takes.”  Hope you enjoy it.

On Nantucket

If you do like what you hear, ALL of our albums are available for purchase as digital downloads in any format you choose here:

Bandcamp for The Duende Project

And we occasionally post demos of prospective recordings for future albums here for your listening and occasional FREE downloading pleasure here:

Soundcloud for The Duende Project

Give any or all a listen!


A note for Duende fans:

Due to concerns about the number of other bands out there called “Duende,”  Faro and I are changing the name of our collaboration to “The Duende Project.”

As we’re going to be seeking broader distribution of our work in the future, beginning with the next album, it seems a good time to do this and reduce any confusion or potential legal issues. 

Same lovable pair of cutups, different name…


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