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Patreon recruitment

Let’s talk a little bit about Patreon — mine, in particular. 

Patreon is a site that allows supporters to offer monetary help to artists, musicians, poets, etc.  It give people a way to provide material support to folks out here working in the precarious world of creative pursuits. 

Some people  do very well and make the majority of their income from Patreon, offering incentives and exclusive rewards to folks at various subscription levels. 

I do not, but I do try.  And I think I do offer some things to my Patrons some of you might appreciate. Exclusive poems, video blogs, eBooks, etc.  

If you go to the site you’ll find a guide to what’s available at what tiers of support. Right now, I’m also offering a 7-day free trial for folks signing up at the $10/month level. And if I reach $1000 of support I’m releasing a new solo album as an early release to Patrons. 

In addition, sign up by Monday the 12th at the $10/month level and you’ll be eligible to attend a free online workshop I’m running in August.  

Feel free to message me here for details.  I look forward to hearing from at least a few of you. 


New Patreon Benefit!

New Patreon benefit — free trial memberships!  

Read on and consider joining up…

thanks, Tony

Patreon / Workshop information

This blog will always be free to read.

But if you like what I do here, you have a couple of options to support the Work. 

First off, I have a Patreon site where I host exclusive readings and offer eBooks, recordings, and videos of and about the Work. As little as $1 a month will get you there. Any amount is appreciated.

Second, I periodically run workshops for both Patrons and the general public. There were a lot of folks who wanted to attend my workshop on “Voice, Craft, and ‘the Line’ ” who couldn’t. I’ve decided to offer it again twice in August. Choose from:

Saturday, August 12, 1-3:30 PM EDT
Sunday, August 20, 4-6:30 PM EDT

Non Patrons — $35 via PayPal (, Venmo (@Anthony-Brown-95), or CashApp ($DuendeProj).

Free to Patrons at the 10$/month tier or above who have been patrons at least two months prior (hence the very early announcement today).

I hope you’ll consider joining us for one or both. I’m working very hard to make my poetry a larger part of my life and a bigger part of my support income.  If you like what I do, these are ways to help make it all happen. 



Patreon and Workshop info

If you like what I do here, you have a couple of options to support the Work. 

First off, there’s always the Patreon site where I host exclusive readings and offer eBooks, recordings, and videos of and about the Work. As little as $1 a month will get you there. Any amount is appreciated.

Second, I periodically run workshops for both Patrons and the general public. Here’s a workshop I’m running to close out National Poetry Month…

I hope you’ll consider becoming a part of one or both. I’m working very hard to make my poetry a larger part of my life and a bigger part of my support income.  If you like what I do, these are ways to help make it all happen. 


Repeating info on Patreon, Workshops, etc.

I know I’ve posted all this before but I’m trying to consolidate info into one post and keep it current. So…here we go.  

(Includes a new payment option for the workshops.)  

I’ll be releasing an initially exclusive album of poems and music to Patrons subscribed at the $25/month tier on my site whenever I reach the goal of $1000/month in contributions (less than $200 to go now).

If you join or upgrade to the $15 dollar/month or above level by end of Saturday, tomorrow, April 1 — you’ll get it too. Little incentive for all.

Link to join: 

I’m running Zoom workshops on: April 16 (The Poetry Of Place) and April 30 (Voice, Craft, and the Line)
that will be free to patrons of the site at the $10/month level and up.

Time for both: Sundays, 5 to 7 PM EDT.

I need payment for this first workshop by Saturday, April 15. Zoom link will be sent upon payment.

If you want to attend without being a Patron, it’s $35 for one, $50 for both, payable through PayPal or Venmo. Links to both are now available and will be sent upon payment.

Venmo: @Anthony-Brown-95
CashApp: $DuendeProj

Thanks in advance.


Announcing Workshops…

Next month is National Poetry Month, an occasion I usually celebrate by doing the same damn things I always do.
This time, it’s gonna be different.

I will be offering TWO poetry workshops for patrons of my Patreon site who are the at the $10/month level or above…TWO!! 

One will be a repeat of “The Poetry Of Place,” and the other (already tentatively scheduled for April 30) will be a sorta-kinda generative session I’m calling “Voice, Craft, and the Line.” Still under construction, but I think you’ll like it.

April is going to be a test case for an ongoing series of these. 

I’d like to start offering a workshop a month (that’s the plan anyway) as a perk for higher tiers with a public option. I’m not sure exactly what this will look like yet and I’d welcome your input.

The current plan is to look at weekend afternoons for these as I think that will afford us the most accessible time for anyone. But…Saturday, Sunday? Early PM, mid, early evening? Certainly I can do a mix but I’d like to hear from y’all.

My current thinking is to develop three or four and then rotate them, bringing in new ones now and then, phasing out old ones, etc. Evolving curriculum. That sort of thing.

There will be an option for non-patrons to attend.  Keep reading…I’m thinking a $30 charge for non patrons for one workshop. Payable through Venmo, Paypal; send me a message for the details. I’ll start taking them now if you like for the April 30 session and will let everyone know when the other date is set.

Remember, if you join my Patreon at the $10/month level or above you will get FREE ACCESS to anything I do in this vein.  Speaking of which…

Here’s the Patreon link…

Gearing up the Patreon site

Anyone out there interested in joining my Patreon?  I’ve got live performances and a Patron’s only workshop coming up.  

Worth your time. 

New Patreon Offer

Ok. Gonna try something here…

I’m still working on various other rewards for Patrons — waiting on the site itself to announce some new things. But…
I’m currently sitting at 72 patrons across all levels, bringing in around $800 a month.

As I’ve said, I’d like to grow my Patreon site a bit more and reach more folks in the process. You can help — If I can get another three patrons at the $5/month tier or above by the end of tomorrow, I’ll change my rewards section permanently to make sure that everyone AT ALL TIERS gets EVERY EBOOK I PUBLISH there.

That’s at least one per quarter and the annual anthology. Upgrading to a higher tier counts.

Although it’s not necessary, I will mention that paying a year in advance gets you a discount.

Hit me up through your channel of choice if you have any questions.

Here is the Patreon site. 

Thank you.


Just a reminder…

I get a good part of my monthly income thru Patreon. Subscribers get access to exclusive content, special events, and rewards based on level of support.

Tomorrow night I’m running An open mic/Zoom event on the site for all patrons. The link is available to patrons only. You can become a patron for as little as $1/month.

Here is a link to the site if you are interested…

New eBook on Patreon

I’ve compiled and posted a new eBook, “The Old Poet’s Handbook,” for my $15/month patrons on my Patreon site.

Just in case you were, y’know, interested….

Look At You, Holy

Look at you there: holy,
solid, and still, as if all night
you had been walking the dark paths
of a once-familiar wilderness,
the death-sounds

of predation and mishap
nearly piercing you the whole way
— and now you’ve come
to a clearing and are standing there
under the blessing of the moon.

You cannot forget
the sounds that terrified you
but without them
pushing from all sides
you would not be here now.

Look at you, holy:
honoring the howling as holy;
as holy as this silence,
as holy as this light,
as holy as all else.


I’ve posted a rare public note on the craft behind this poem on my Patreon account, if you’re interested.

New eBook available for Patrons…

Just made the 2020 anthology of my year’s work, “Variations on a Fugue State,” to all patrons. 24 chosen poems in either ePub or PDF format. Become a patron for as little as a dollar a month and you too could partake…

eBooks available!

I have eBooks/PDFs of my work available for sale to those who might be interested. All were previously offered as rewards to various tiers of my Patreon subscribers (a program I will be continuing there, btw). If you want access to the most recent collections as they come out, I’d go there. Just sayin’.

The titles include:
Annual “best of the year” collections. Currently available: 2017 — 2022.

“Then Play On,” a chapbook of poems about music

Pushpins and Thumbtacks,” a volume about icons and cliches of American culture

“Noted In Passing,” a revised eBook of a chapbook from 2012 that was a limited edition written for a single feature

“White Pages,” my collection of poems related to race and its role in my life

Decay Diary,” a collection of poems about aging

In the Time Of Contagion,” a collection of poems about you-know-what

“The Wrong Flowers,” a prose/poetry meditation on the state of the USA in 2020

Show Your Work,” an eBook version of an earlier, out of print chapbook.

“The Day,” a selection from 20 years of poems about 9/11/01.

“Ideation,” a short collection of poems old and new about living with depression and suicidal ideation.

“Long Winded,” a collection of longer poems.

“songs for reluctant warriors,” poems for the US political moment of early summer, 2022.

“3 Quarters” released in October 2022. Random and recent.

“Owner’s Manual” released in December of 2022. Poems in the form of directions.  

Minimal # of repeats among the collections.

All are available as both PDF and ePUB formats.

If you are interested, let me know with a comment on this post. Right now? They are 1 for $8 through Paypal, Venmo, or Cashapp — 3 for $16. We can talk about larger quantities and discounts if you want more. Message me for the details.


Even more extra

Just uploaded “A Head Of Flames,” an eBook of my selected poems from 2019, for download by my Patreon subscribers.


New eBook on the Patreon site

Just finished uploading a new eBook, “Pushpins And Thumbtacks,” to my Patreon site as an exclusive for my patrons. It’s a short collection of 10 poems on icons and cliches of American culture revisited, mostly recent and some developed as a result of prompts from patrons themselves.

While all of the poems appear here on the blog, I find that pulling together collections of them helps to focus and increase their impact.  

All it takes to be part of the Work and support what I do at the Patreon site is a measly $1/month for many rewards; larger pledged amounts get access to more. I sincerely appreciate the support I receive and try to give back as much I can.

It has been difficult lately, but I hope to get back in the full swing of the Work shortly.


The Patreon site is here.