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A glimpse into process…

Sunday mornings for me are for Poetry Administration Work.

I transfer work posted on the blog during the week before to my “chronological collections” word processing files, which run for six months at a time (so right now I’m completing a file from 1-1-2022 which will be closed on 6-30-2022; I’ll start a new one on 7-1-2022 which will run till year’s end, etc.) and do any editing that occurs to me in the moment as I’m moving them — line breaks, etc, or sometimes more extensive stuff.

The active file is 162 pages long right now.

If I have a reading coming up in the next week, I start pulling that together as well, going through older files as well as recent ones to build a set. Ditto with eBooks I’m pulling together for my Patreon subscribers.

Work on the full length manuscript goes on throughout the week, as does the generation of new Work. I’m generally up before 6 each day to do that stuff, and will work on that for a few hours before transitioning to my “day job” of training design and delivery and hustling for new clients.

Driving back and forth to and doing family stuff in Uxbridge as needed, guitar practice and recording, and just “being here” in general round out my days.

You wonder why I push the Patreon site as much as I do. I work hard for not enough money.

Here I am, doing it again in fact. 

My Patreon site…

Video: two poems

Made a public post on my Patreon site… I did a recap video of two of the poems I did last night in NH.

Give it a listen, and if you’re not already there, consider becoming a Patron for more exclusive content.

Well, I’ll be…

Thanks to the WCPA for this honor.  

And thanks to all of you for helping make it happen — the place where I work out my work. You matter.

Still plugging away

Still plugging away at a full length manuscript, and still managing (for over three years now) to make some of my regular income from being a poet. 

The Patreon site is here if anyone’s down to join up.  Quarterly rewards, eBooks, discussions on craft, etc. Come check it out and join in for as little as $1/month.  


New eBook on the way for my Patrons

Just ended work for the day on the first quarter eBook for my patrons at the $15/up level, a volume of some of the longer poems and poem sequences I’ve done over the years.  Most of these do not appear here on the Dark Matter blog, btw.

I’ve got short commentaries for each sequence left to finish and then I’ll format it for ePub and PDF, after which it will be distributed to the lucky (?) patrons.

Still trying to decide about one piece which I think is kind of an interesting but decided failure — thought it might be useful from an educational standpoint on process. Will I revise it or put it out there, warts and all? We shall see…

You too can join in the fun and be a part of the madness…if you become a patron. Rewards will be shifting soon but even at the $1/month level, something will always be there. Promise.

My Patreon site…


Just made some revisions to the “Patreon” and “Show schedule, Tracks, and more” pages here. Updated links, etc.

An FYI only, but I’d love to have you check them out when you have time.  

Patreon post — appreciation video

I’ve mentioned here before that I have a Patreon where dedicated supporters contribute small amounts of money per month to help me maintain a steady income and do my work.  

Most posts and perks of the site are not available to the public, but I made a post a couple of days ago in tribute to the late Robert Bly and I thought you might like to see it. 


RIP, Robert Bly

Come help with a manuscript!

A few days ago, I posted a poem called “What Are The Rules,” and had a moment of clarity about the fact that after all these years of doing this, I actually do have an understanding about poetry, my relationship to it, and how it works for me and perhaps for others as well.

Which led me to another thought: that maybe, just maybe, my long standing resistance to putting together a full length manuscript needs to come to an end.

I’m 61, and after literally 50+ years of doing this, my stubbornness about adhering to the whole DIY thing is bending a bit. Self-published chaps, eBooks for patrons, the public blog, all those things are going to remain in place, but I think I want something more — a collection out there that pulls together the stuff that matters most to me and that I think will have appeal to the more “mainstream readers” of poetry, who dig the whole “book culture” thing.  Also, y’know, mortality, legacy, etc…

So.  Into the fray with this. And I’d like your help.

On my Patreon site, I’m running a special offer (through November 22) in which anyone who joins, upgrades to, or is currently part of the site at the $10 and up tiers, will see posts, videos, drafts, etc. — not sure what exactly — of the process of putting together this beast.

I’ve got over 6,000 poems to consider; you can help me think about selection processes, ordering of the works, etc.  I need the assistance and the encouragement, so I hope you’ll jump into the conversation about the project.

More as this develops, but thanks in advance for considering this, and feel free to share the offer if you have friends who might want in.