Daily Archives: April 18, 2016

Step To The Gryphon

A full grown gryphon
has come out of the woods
near your apartment complex
and now perches upon your car,
staring at you as you prepare
to walk to your spot and leave 
for work.  This is going to be 
a problem, obviously — 
how to explain this
to your boss, how to explain this 
on the clearly soon to be necessary
insurance claim, how to explain 
the fierce power of the real world
to this beast in such a way 
that he slinks,
back into fantasy. Fortunately,
you were born and bred
American, thus having had long experience
with grand and august mythology 
bumping against dirty facts,
so you square up your shoulders,
step to the gryphon,
and get it done.

Career Retrospective

he gladly roared
in London

that the British
punctured everything
before their empire was done

as he said it
hammered that home 

A battery banging 
amplified the wonder
of such bold speech

Shame indeed but no real surprise
when he tired of saying and playing 
such things

As his voice became
half-brother to money
he gave up the roar for the croon

Trembling not shaking
Trickling not draining
Brokering not storming

Choosing to grip
a softer weapon and sing
softer songs

on a worldwide tour
of the former British colonies
he referred to as a “career retrospective” 

Lying awake each night
nightmaring Joe Strummer and a gaggle of nuns
standing silent by the hotel door

Staring at him
while mouthing and mocking
his old-time roar