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First Decrees For The New World

Originally posted 3/14/2014.

From now on,
those who must

for the sake of family or form
mourn in public
a person they did not love,
one who may in fact have been
loathed and feared,
shall (after the funeral) be granted
a huge, selfish wish.

From now on,
those who must

in the presence of general or specific bigotry
bite their tongues to save a job and to provide
for their loved ones shall be granted 
one roundhouse swing at and full connection with 
a target of their choosing, and they shall get away

From this day forth,
those whose lives

have been slated for demolition, 
slotted for dimunition,
lives have regularly been broken
by the blows of ignorant policy,
shall be given keys to once-locked doors,
matches and gasoline to use as they see fit,
and violins
for something to do after
the burning 

This shall not be called “karma,”
as one 
should not have to wait
till the next life for recompense.  
This shall not be called
“revenge,” as there’s too much
to avenge and so much work to do
that can’t be done if vengeance 
takes hold.

This shall be called bookkeeping — 

accounts will be 
reckoned and settled,
with the balance owed 
to be determined 
by those to whom so much
is owed.