Daily Archives: April 8, 2016

Beer Time For The Mystery Crank

sit back, ease a hand into
the cooler, snag a beer,
open it and take a long pull
with one eye on
the neighbors and how they
wash their cars, how they
garden. they’re doing it
all wrong. you are better 
and faster and more productive
with your time than they are
which is why you’ve got
beer time now and they don’t.
of course, they don’t know you’re
watching and judging, you
neighborhood ghost — as far as
they are concerned you’re just
the mystery crank in the old Camry
that no one talks to and that’s fine
with everyone. it sure suits you right down
to your pale toes. leaves more time
for beer time, for sitting and judging
and watching incompetence
while wondering how you got so old
and everyone else got so damn stupid.
ease back with another beer and think
a little more, for a little while longer —
how much longer, you wish you knew
how much longer it’s going to be.