This Is The Place

this is the place

where I could run into the street directly from stage
screaming “can I get 
some DMT here and then
I need to borrow a nail gun
just for an hour I promise”
and no one will blink

they’ll call it creative
they’ll call it a performance piece
they’ll call me eccentric

this is the place

where while on acid in college
I could holler
“you fucking pigs”
at cops while sitting 
cleaning my nails with a knife
in shorts while sitting in a snowbank
and never see the inside of a cell

they called me troubled
they called me lost
they called it an isolated incident

this is the place

where yesterday I yelled my way out of
a truly undeserved ticket
by simply telling the cop
they were full of shit
and no way I did that
and did I look like the kind of person
who’d do that 

they decided I didn’t
they let me go
they let me drive away still fuming and punching the wheel

this is the place

where I get away with all that
where I live to tell the tale
where no one has ever tried to choke or shoot me 
for being an asshole
for being an idiot
for being a kid

they find another way
they have an alternative solution
they have darker fish to fry

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