Originally posted 4/27/2014.

God says 
in order to find peace 

link arms with it
ride it beyond death

we must seek one pebble 
in one gravel bed 

find one rootlet on one tree 
in one forest 

then cleave to them 
and forsake all others

We take that as true 
but we misunderstand it

Holy is not held
in the stone 
or the root

Holy instead 
is held in the search

Holy the touch of each stone
we turn over

Holy each time we plunge our hands
into the soil 
while seeking the Root

Holy even the choice to say
there is no need to search

Holy even to pick up a random stone 
skip it over a pond

point after it and know
that path is as good as any

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One response to “Scripture

  • Eileen

    I guess there’s no way to know without trying them all. I have discovered that some of us have the twin to practical realistic Thomas within us and our inclination for believing possibilities visible on the outside and others have Thomas on the outside and a hidden Don Quixote within. One thing in particular intrigues me about the various cultures’ attempts to find spiritual meaning……the mystics of very divergent systems of belief all say the same thing: “Everything is one, so whatever happens affects us all and seeing people, animals, the earth, the stars as “other” is an illusion that makes humanity’s conflicts self defeating and ridiculous.” If we struggle with despair it seems to me that means that within we believe in unseen, unknown and truly benevolent possibilities even though no one has ever experienced them. But it’s sort of like the taste of foreign foods. It we don’t risk “tasting” them, we’ll never know their delight.

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