Daily Archives: April 23, 2012

The Answer Is Obvious

So much thought is required
to come up with ways
to make people stupid
they ought to give out extra brains
to those who do that hard, hard work:

extra brains for those who determine the threads
connecting conspiracies, those who chide
the skeptics, those who smirk at disbelievers,
those who bend the facts to fringe and mirrors
and pretend assassins and robot planes…

Once the dumbing is all done,
what to do with all those extra brains?
It’s not like anyone will need them…

Recognize the herd before us?
At least we’ve got something to feed them…


You call this place
“gritty” or “post-industrial.”  

You call this place
“second rate.”

We call it “leverage.”  

As in,
“Growing up here 
gives you permanent
against pretense.”

We learn to make our faces
movie star grim just to leave the house,
just to keep you off balance,
just to hide our laughter,

and as a reward from the gods
whenever we proudly say the hometown name
a seagull in Boston fires from the sky
and ruins a Saab windshield,
a raw wool sweater in Northampton
catches on an antique nailhead,
and somewhere on the Cape
an overpriced lobster bites back.

Worcester, Springfield,
Lowell, Lawrence,
Holyoke, Pittsfield:  
feeling ya, babes.  
the long seasons of drought
coming up wet for once.  
Feeling how long it’s been
since we started leaving home 
for the pretty places,

forgetting how good home feels,
and how handsome we are.

When we see how much makeup
they wear elsewhere,
it’s enough to make us empty a mill
and start a revolution inside.