Daily Archives: April 17, 2012


the finest moment of my life

I’m meat
and potatoes for you

Feebler than is 
good for me
after you’re done 
eating me

I have spasms and
I have chills
I’m bone
and scrap
All the fat’s gone
and I’m hungry enough
to scarf you down

Scarf you right down
to sweetbreads
and poppy

We went feasting
back and forth
all night
like I can’t do now
and try not to remember

I once joined you 
in a banquet
after long starvation

oh tender was I
and you were tender too
and as succulent as the memory remains
it is pain as much as satisfaction


Advice: On Daily Writing Practice


your favorite writers

are always going to tell you 
to write
to keep writing 

your favorite writers

are going to tell you to write all the time

because they claim they did and you

(following along in their wake

like sweet little sleep deprived interns

in the Hospital Of Broken Hearts)

ought to damn well do the same


your favorite writers

are going to tell you to write

every day

tell you to churn thirty poems in thirty days

or a novel in a month

because that’s how it works

when the Fire is on them


that’s how they get to be favorite writers

the poor slobs

that’s how they get to be famous

a month of crazy at a time

maybe for a few months at a time

and voila the New Hotness doth arrive



your favorite writers will tell you

all sorts of things

to disguise the fact that they don’t have a clue

as to how this works 

not really


they agitate for cause and effect

because not to is to suggest

a case for werewolves vampire

sghosts and zombies

not as literary devices and archetypes

but as the horrid afterbirth 
of their own failed work



if your gut tells you the best thing for your writing

is to take a month offsquare your taxes

screw your neighbor hugely for hours at a time

walk your mother in the park


watch a lot of television

and drink


you owe it to yourself to try that

because when I look at my favorite writers

I see more of that 
than the cold and sober work they prescribe

for all the whippersnappers and upstarts


formulas are for chemists and physicists

writers suck at them mostly

write when you want

how you want

where you want



get some sleep

this ain’t life and death

no matter how it feels

in the moment

no matter how it feels

in the long haul

Diver’s Bar

the perfect dive barroom
is the one without conversation
I don’t initiate

except when it gets me
beer, beer nuts, chips
or another beer

it’s not the kind of social place
I go to get social
I’m not looking to get picked up

unless that by chance happens
and frankly
it’s not gonna happen here

in the perfect dive barroom
in my hometown
where all my relatives drank 

if I see one of them here
I’ll freak out a little cause
they’re mostly all dead

tonight I’m apparently safe
from angels or scolders
I didn’t bring with me

tonight I’m apparently safe
in the dive bar, the submarine bar,
the bell helmet bar, SCUBA bar

deep underwater
and flooded with cold