Daily Archives: April 21, 2012

What They Do To Us

The anticipation
is killing
all of us — why don’t They
get it over with — why don’t They
do Something?  We all know
is going to happen — we all know
the Score, the Drill,
the Story —
none of us were born Yesterday —
the ones born at night
weren’t born last night — 

Last night there was a moment
when we stopped waiting, when
we thought It was going to happen —

the scent of Wreckage in the air,  a whiff
of Rebuild potentially behind it, an undernote —
it was welcome relief, shouts of Welcome
in every throat which we did not let rise
to our lips
because (and again it happened)
They kept it from happening
Kept us from the object of desire 

Yes, I spoke of our desire for it

We will take a Disaster
to get to the Rebuild —
that is how we are now, addicted to
the Long Small Pain
of waiting
every day for 
The Great Chastisement
to begin

We say
Watch This Space
Something will happen
They have something cooking
We wish They would just
get it over with
Start the Flood
Bring the War
Unleash the Kraken
Set It Off
Open the Vials
Break The Seals

At least we’d have something
to fight and when we died

we would have had a better name
to curse