Daily Archives: April 10, 2012

Definition of Art

Definition of art: Take an object. Do something to it. Do something else to it. (Robert Rauschenberg)

Take an object.

Do something to it.
Do something to it.
Leave yourself out of it.
Leave everyone out of it.

Take a manmade object.
Make it an animal.
Take an animal.
Make it a God.

Make something inanimate a God.
Just don’t use language
as a crutch.  Stay on message:
it’s God and no human
is of concern to it.

Spooning?  Leave it.
You don’t know the spoon well enough
to borrow its name.  Drop and give the spoon
twenty thousand words:  enough then, maybe,
if the spoon says so.  If it speaks somehow.

Stay on message.  God
is not a human concern.  Do
something to it.  Do something
to it.  Leave.

Do something
to yourself.  To yourself.
Then leave.  You are of no
human concern.  Art is the doing
of things to objects.  Not a
spin cycle goes by
when I don’t remember that —
put paint on the canvas, the teapots,
the broken parts of me, the do something
else to it: remove it.  Start at
washing.  That’s an art, eh?  A tough one.
You suck at it.

Take an object.
Do something.
Anything.  Do something except
blurt about your whiny puke of a life.
Do something to it instead:


Been Listening To Jaco

Listening to Jaco a long time
Long time is how he played
stretching time in between notes
Long Time
And all the notes took up the same space
at the same time!

How he did it — was Crzy, was Md
how some of us 
have to be
and that’s how he ended
drunk a little
and Crzy Md enough
to get himself killed

Listening to Jaco is easier
when I am not Crzy
When I am not Md
it is easier to let Jaco be it for me
But the times when I most understand
how to hang on Jaco
and limber growl lines and bark notes that yell Showtime
and skein along on the lines
and oh the notes all at the same space
so I bump into myself in the moment

those times I get why I am so loving
of the idea of a death in a nightclub
so none call it what it was

if I never get to the streets
I can still be an artist can’t I
Crzy and Md are all that it takes
then time will stretch and notes will hang
the skeins will be obvious
in the daze is the loss of boundary
required here listening to Jaco
chasing Jaco
into the unyielding night