Daily Archives: April 19, 2012

Music Review

Spring night: the music’s
a far cry from frogs. Wait, though;
it’s not that far off.
In fact, it’s the same:
“Here we are. And you?”

Sprung from that croaking,
all manner of beats and rhymes.
All manner of noise
and always the same:
“Here we are.  And you?”

Spring nights, musicians
do their best frog-talk for us,
tell the tales we need,
always the same line:
“Here we are. And you?”

 — w / thanks to Amy Weaver


Amphora Anaphora

Come fuck me till I become
elemental, tabled, bedded,
unstable, rare, noble, 
and inert after as I rest.

Come fuck me till I become
Greek pottery,
amphora so well-curved
my age means nothing.

Come fuck me till I become
not human,  I don’t want that;
I’ve been that and I need other,
I need the old and the unimagined instead, so

come fuck me till I become
the newest element to be revealed,
the old bottle holding new wine.
Fuck me from science to art and back.