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New eBook on the way for my Patrons

Just ended work for the day on the first quarter eBook for my patrons at the $15/up level, a volume of some of the longer poems and poem sequences I’ve done over the years.  Most of these do not appear here on the Dark Matter blog, btw.

I’ve got short commentaries for each sequence left to finish and then I’ll format it for ePub and PDF, after which it will be distributed to the lucky (?) patrons.

Still trying to decide about one piece which I think is kind of an interesting but decided failure — thought it might be useful from an educational standpoint on process. Will I revise it or put it out there, warts and all? We shall see…

You too can join in the fun and be a part of the madness…if you become a patron. Rewards will be shifting soon but even at the $1/month level, something will always be there. Promise.

My Patreon site…

On Fire, Always

I do not
much like
my head being 
on fire.

My head is
always on fire. Therefore
I do not much like

never stops, by definition.
It may cool down occasionally
but is always throwing sparks.

You think this is 
a metaphor (as it is)
but real people come by me
sniffing the air, asking

“do you smell smoke?”
even when I am
standing in the rain
or when it is obvious

that I am in deep water,
in over my head by choice.
They ask me to come up
for air and ask if I can

smell the smoke. I say,
why do you think
I am in the water? why do
you think I am trying

to stay under? how is it
that you are not ablaze
as I am? I am
always surprised

that they are always asking about
smoke they can smell
and never about a fire that by now
they should be able to see.