Daily Archives: March 6, 2022

The Political Is Only Personal On Our Off Nights

revised from 2013

About things
that are not obvious
we have
almost nothing to say

They may be full of earwigs 
ready to chew us up
Ravening rapidly but obliquely situated
to the top news story
May swing old lions by the tail
and stomp the young into the earth
then fill up on poison champagne
If it’s not easy to see two sides 
we set it all aside

Though it’s work worth doing
and there are
possible cathedrals and temples there
Though people die
in between positions
as if those were jaws
snapping without thought
Though it is work
that has never been attempted
Full of grave dirt and torn shrouds
if it is not work someone else
will do for us
we act like
it’s not to be done

though this is our watch
and our work
and we are the problem

though this is the most crucial thing
and we are the problem
though we stink of it remaining undone
and we are the problem

we do not do what needs doing

unless we can hang the blame
on a banner and slogan
made by someone else 
bearing a finger
pointing off stage