Daily Archives: March 11, 2022


Just now one arrow
or sharpened word
landing in an arrow’s place

Bandaged hand holding either
pen or sword but either way
struggling with grip

A face so common
no one feels any need
to  put a name to it

Did someone stutter
or was that a
mechanical noise

A voice made of
ground down gears
and silt still in its teeth

Can anyone dance
to a song first sung
by stones falling

from a ledge to
a highway below
and then a car

falling from there and
in this car was a child and 
no one dared to climb down

and see what happened
An adult climbed out
years later with

a broken grip 
weapons and 
a quest 

Never mind a dance
There’s a whole book in there

says someone 
who really doesn’t know
anything about these things