Daily Archives: April 15, 2010

The Candy Bar Story

softens me
as if I’m candy
in a shut car
in a casino parking lot
whose driver is inside
one hundred and thirty six dollars
on a video poker game
and thinking about getting
flatiron steak at the buffet
to celebrate
then maybe hitting the lounge
for a drink or two
or three
but then he goes
belly up
when feeling flush he hits
the craps table
and comes back to the car
and I’m shapeless
and not
appetizing enough
to be a consolation
so he chucks me out the window
on the angry drive home
where I gather gravel on the shoulder
and am eventually eaten
by a raccoon
who is then struck and killed
by a tour bus

coming up with that story
is the most interesting thing
I’ve done all day

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The Blindness

Close your relentlessly
interpretive eyes
for now

and let it be
that what you might have seen
has vanished.

Let the seeming
the unconceived.

All is apparently gone.
You might be seen
but cannot return the favor.

You are
loose in unobserved

appears as red grains
cycling under your lids.

Press fingers to them
and see darkening.
Feel blindness.

Take one step forward
and blunder into something.
Stay strong and learn it

with your hands,
tongue, nose, chest
and shins.

Can you name it? 
Are you now in discovery?
This is what you wanted

when you closed your eyes.
Breaking new on familiar shores.  There’s pain.
Create a new word for its color.

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Some problems
are small enough
to be solved
over bacon and eggs.
Get to the diner
after the rush and sit
in the fat person’s booth,
the one with the movable table.
Sit a bit stirring coffee.
Listen to the businessmen
who had to squeeze
into the normal booth
talk about
underwriting a risk.
Cover the whole table with the plates
when they come and
dig in to the comfortable
and familiar. Slowly,
carefully, acknowledge
the issues,
sort them,
eliminate distractions,
and come to a decision
just in time with the last chew
of the last bite
of oversized Italian toast.
Leave a big tip when you go
and light a cigarette upon leaving.
Walk to the car
feeling full and prepared,
taking your time.  Those homefries
were delicious, weren’t they?
The eggs were perfect, the coffee
strong but smooth.  It’s all
going well.  It’s all working

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a man
became a critter

over land

not seeing connection
to humans

he sat on rocks
turned em over for moral guidance

he’s a cemetery
of thinking —

left over

reptile brained
chunk of reaction

fight and bite
sleep where it’s friendly

stay out of the cold
of other opinions

screw a little
when called to it

a story so common
you might be forgiven

for pretending it’s
just another legend

until you cross paths with him
while trying to fall in love

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