Daily Archives: April 14, 2010

A Brief Comment On Race Relations

My cat don’t know
who his daddy is —
probably a dead cat by now.

He’s getting old.
Sleeps a lot, but always did.
Likes fish.  Likes my blanket.
Purrs, and sits in the window
(where he usually falls asleep,
surprise, surprise.)

He knows who his mother is.
I do too.  Took her in pregnant
and kept the both of them.
She’s a long hair tortie,
he’s a patchwork shorthair
in grey and white.  She’s tiny,

Doesn’t seem to care
about heritage.  Mom’s
a mutt with fur between her toes,
he’s not.  Must have got that
(or not got it)
from his dad. 

He’s a cat, just that:
sleepy, furry, old, and fat.

Never showed him, never tried
to get a ribbon, don’t know
who his daddy is. Mom’s a mutt,
never tried to prove she was
Siamese or Russian, didn’t care.

A cat’s a cat to another cat,
figure I should feel the same.
I let him be. He lets me be.
Furry bastard fat mutt lump
with a big purr and a bigger butt
he likes to have scratched —

works for me. 

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For My Daily Affirmers

You refuse to say
or read or listen to
anything negative,
only speak of God’s love
and the sun, place flowers
in all the corners of your house.

Lemme tell you something:

the cockroaches
say much the same
of the night, the filth,
and the stink,

and those flowers begin dying
from the moment you bend
to cut them loose
from the mulch they need
to live.

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Native American

According to informed sources
here on Facebook
if you just click this button
you will learn
your Native American name.
You can use it in a tattoo!
For a small Paypal fee, someone
will send you matching authentic
Native American flash art —
the ancient Native Americans
called such stencils ‘totems’
and accorded them great power.
A genuine Native American bracelet
of turquoise on leather,
bought from the counter
at the corner XtraMart,
will protect you from harm,
and while you are there pick up
the genuine Native American
cigarette case to match —
the Native Americans thought
tobacco was sacred, you know,
so light up, cousin (that’s what
Native Americans called each other,
you know) and enjoy
the taste of spirituality.
I recommend this brand with
the Native American on the package.
It’s OK, you’ve earned it.
Somewhere a Native American
is smiling from the back of his unicorn.

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