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peaceful, they’re still wishing
their enemies dead.
Rejoicing at their misfortunes.
Cheering their illnesses,
their damages.  Oh,
I love the Left…how easily
they become what they claim to despise.

On the Right, at least, they claim
no disguises.  No sense of irony
when they say
they are afraid and in peril;
they adore the stance of victim
even when a glance around reveals
how far from the bottom they really are.
I love them too: so openly comfortable
to the idea that their own peace of mind
is founded in the unease of others.

Everyone is dangerous right now.
We all believe we’re going to die
if the others come to power,
forgetting the lesson, the Great Teaching:
someone is going to lose
no matter who’s in power.
Power depends on someone losing.
If you want power, you are committing
to someone else not having it.

Well, is all that power itself necessary?

Ask that, and see how quickly you are answered.

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My Name Requires Much Of Me

I think you should call me
by some other name.
The one I bear’s too much.
The one I wear is hard to say
in public.  I can feel everyone
looking for me when it’s spoken.

I think you should call me
by some other name.
The face I wear doesn’t add up.
The arms and belly are awkward
and sit too far out from my core.
I know I’m taking up too much space.

I think you should call me
far less often.
I hate how often I’m conjured.
I hate the feeling of obligation
it creates.  I want to slip into
some floor crack and lie below you.

I think I’m going to disappear
and reappear somewhere else.
The new place will not have heard of me.
I’ll raise bees and never wear a hood
or suit against them.  I’ll be stung
so often my face will change and change.

I think the name I’ve got
is a bad one. 
I think a name does more
than signify your being.
The one I’ve got made me what I am.
I dislike that.  I want to hear me called new.

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