Daily Archives: April 2, 2010

Come By The House

When you’re ready,
you come by and see me
then.  You spend a little time
on the work you need to do,
including learning to relax about it;
nothing says you have to be so damn serious
all the time.  You do that work,
come by my house when we can talk
about nothing, casually, just discuss
the rain or some dumb TV show
that’s just fun, kinda thing that lets me
turn my own running monologue off,
and you’ll be welcome.

I spent too many years being serious
to like it much anymore.
It just kept stretching me
on a rack full of questions.  I finally
answered most and learned that the rest
don’t ever get answered — we don’t learn
exactly how to love each other, we just keep trying;
we don’t ever light every dark cranny
of the mind, figure out the roots
of every thing we do or understand why
we blurt exactly the wrong thing at the wrong time
though we know it’s wrong when we do it;
we do not ever get our parents completely,
and war and peace and justice don’t happen
eventually, they’re mostly process issues
and there’s not much new content —
there’s always been evil in the world and it doesn’t go away
just because we think it will.  We will always fight
the fight, ask the questions, answer in the moment
knowing there will be a new answer, or the same answer
will bear repeating, the next time it rears its head.
I know all that now.  So if you want to talk,

if you really want to talk to me,
come prepared with beer, a bucket,  and a lightning rod.
It’ll be stormy outside.  If we’re struck
we’ll put out the fire.  If there’s another flood
we’ll bail till the ark is ready.  And we’ll do it all
a little drunk, a little happy, and a little certain
of it passing by at some point.  It’ll be back,
for sure.  We’ll be more ready next time
and in the meantime, we’ll laugh a little.

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Speed Dating

Hey —
are you
or conduit?
Do you contain
or channel?

Are you
content or process?
Are you intention
or execution?

Don’t even try to push me —
don’t care if you’re black or white —

are you, instead,
colonizer or colonized?
Oppression or resistance?

If you answer,
I could be any
and am all,

we can speak further;

but if you choose,
you choose

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