Daily Archives: April 3, 2010

Easter Uprising

it is said,
will kill thousands
in the last battle
with a sword that issues
from his mouth.
This is why I’m not
a Christian anymore:
I’ve heard this sort of thing
my whole life
from the dry-honed lips
of my peers and this Jesus
sound too much like a poet
to be trusted. 
If there’s an Armageddon
some day
I suspect words will be
at the least,
at the most, and God
will find a way to do the work
without intercession
from one of these
cats with a vision of
how dangerous
his words are. 

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Contrary’s Dog Food Manifesto

Contrary says,
making poems.

Try, says Contrary,
making dog food

Dogs will show you if
they love your work,
unlike your poet friends.

Unlike poets, dogs don’t make what they need
to live.   They’ll
appreciate you more

than poets will. 
You will like making dog food
more than making poems

because of dog’s love.
Poets get jealous,
don’t eat your work up

even if you leave it out for them.
Even if they’re hungry.
Fuck all poets, says Contrary.

Fuck them.  Fuck them
more than dogs.  Poets
won’t fuck you either

except figuratively.
That’s all poets
know how to do,  useless

people.  Make dog food
Find your audience.

Dog food,
smells better too.

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at the pool hall,
I lined up three shots
in my head
and made them
in near-military order.

I’ve played pool badly for years,
gotten lucky more than once,
but I don’t recall this happening before:

what I wanted to happen
as I had imagined it would
in a game I enjoy
but cannot play well.
The flow didn’t last,
but the sudden knowledge  of it
made me shiver
and nearly cry out loud:

I can learn something
still.  I can improve.

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