Daily Archives: February 19, 2020


To become as small as I can get
in their presence. That’s my goal
for when I see them at last.

I want to stand before whatever survived
the slow dissolution of flesh and bone
and look up to them.  I want them 
to feel like the giants they are to me

as I kneel 
and fold myself up
and call them grandmother,

other names beyond those,
names for the distant ones.

I want to know those names
so badly I would 
give up my own.


In case you’re interested….

The fine online journal for the small poetry press world, “The Poetry Question,” just published this short article I wrote for their ongoing series, “The Power Of Poetry.”  Take a look and follow them, if you wish, on Twitter or Facebook,  I thank them for the opportunity.

The Power Of Poetry #92: Tony Brown