Daily Archives: February 15, 2020

Stripes And Spots

Zebras on your mind this morning
Zebras in the driveway, trying to get in

Leopards in your dreams last night
Leopards hidden in the backyard junk

Is that a giraffe looming behind the neighbors’ garage roof
or a jaguar on a crane conducting surveillance

You are wondering if you should call a cop
but they’re more like the suspects than they aren’t

Not what they appear to be either
Everything in the jungle wears camo

Zebras now on the back porch knocking
Leopards scratching the front door bell

You put down your phone and start painting your face
But it’s like doing nothing at all in the scheme of things

So you sit and draw the shades and cower like a rabbit
though zebras and giraffes aren’t threats it’s not certain

that the cops will bother to tell the difference
if they come when called at all 

You’re just another critter and your hole isn’t safe
Lions and tigers and bears and jaguars and leopards

and cops and there you are and who is who
It’s not like you can tell who might have changed

their stripes
for spots