Daily Archives: February 14, 2020

Why We Got Here

A faith like
Al Capone’s:
a gun and a smile
will get you farther 
than just a smile.

A vision like
Charlie Manson’s:
love is all you need,
“love” spelled

A discipline like 
John Gotti’s:
well-dressed, cracking
jokes and heads, bragging
and daring you to try it.

A truth like
George Armstrong Custer’s:
if you charge long enough
and often enough, you’ll become
a famous loser. 

A holy fire like
Cotton Mather’s:
find a scapegoat,
hang it high, pretend
the rope wasn’t braided out of fear.

A repentance like
Jimmy Swaggart’s:
public and eyes up 
to a heaven somewhere above
a cheap suspended ceiling.