Daily Archives: February 3, 2020

Time Before

Before money itself was a thing of beauty
Before money was a godly masterpiece
Before money came in waves across horizons
Before money opened its mouth upon all our past
Before money swallowed identity and shat out sales
Before money landed on us like a weighted blanket
Before money slept so long upon us we went numb

we had Animal and Stone and Element and Vision

We had Tree and Dogstar and Sigil and Knowing
We had Smoke and Herb and Sea-smoke and Sea-grass
We had Bark and Order and Beat and Bird-call
We had Cry and Enter and Pass-phrase and Secret
We had Ghost-church and Bell-chant and Tooth and Fur
We had Long-love and Mountain-crown and Reverberations

of whispers and prayers and the simple act of life as prayer

Prayer we did not segregate
into select moments
instead of embracing them
as they subsumed our timeline 

Prayer we did not expect to work
if it was not supposed to work
within great scope of life
as seen from beyond us

Prayer from before 
one could pray for money
from before one could think 
of money as beauty

Prayer centered in Animal 
and Stone and Element and Vision
from before the need for Money
or anything called Prayer