Daily Archives: February 6, 2020


You can hear a recording of this with music here: 

you walked for miles to the ocean
stood on a jetty to see
if the horizon was as distant 
as you’d always presumed it to be

you stepped off the edge into water
as rough and disturbed as you were
swam past surf breaking hard on the rocks
toward a line you never would reach

sovereign over yourself
ruler of all you contained
you turned on your back
you let yourself drift
to see what would fade or remain

you left your thoughts on a sandbar
your vision and voice caught the waves
whatever you thought you knew of horizons
was lost in the storm and the gray

once you were back on the jetty
once you’d returned to the shore
the horizon refused to release you
you were not the same as before

submissive now to a larger sense
of what you had lost and retained
you turned back to your life
where you never forgot
how that motion rocked you awake