Daily Archives: November 27, 2017

Three Chords And the Truth

The problem with
three chords and the truth
is always that third chord

When the first one
lays it right out there
where anyone can see it

and the second one 
simply points
at what the first one did

why do you need one more
when all it does
is nods at the first two

and brings you
right back
to them again

Maybe it’s in
the nature of truth
that we find the answer

that it’s not as much about
how three chords fill the void
better than one or two

than it is about
which three chords you choose
to carry which truths

You reach out endlessly
for the right ones
with two or three fingers

on keys or strings
and end up hearing either outright lies
or mere cartoons of that truth

and then you reach out again
and this time you find
a truth you weren’t expecting

which you follow and
there you go with those chords
and that truth 

but the one you started with
gets away and one day
you come back to it

and stare at it and say
was this ever true
You puzzle out three new chords

and try to answer that
until one day that truth
blares out of a car radio

flying in on three chords
you never even considered
and it’s a hit and you shake your head

at how simple it should have been
to do this and then
you crank it up

regretting nothing
of how this mystery passed you by
as you shout and you sing 

and try to figure out
that third chord
that was the key you never found

A Pop Song

I wanna write a pop song
For half the world to love
Wanna write a pop song
The other half can loathe

Wanna write a pop song
That lifts an easy load
A pop song
A pop song
That takes a simple road

No one cares for pop songs
The way they used to
When the words and music shook the earth
Out from under you

Wanna write one like a fast machine
That rolls out over the air
Runs over all that came before it
Feels like it was always there

Wanna write a pop song
Like the ones that came before
A pop song
A pop song
Like no one’s heard before

Wanna write a pop song
Don’t care if it doesn’t sell
A pop song 
A pop song
From one hit wonder hell

A pop song like a small machine
That floats across your ears
Sticks there till the next one comes
Then disappears for years

Although no one cares for pop songs
The way they used to
Words and music that shook the earth
Out from under you

Maybe that’s just me
Maybe I’m just old and tired
Maybe some still feel this way
Maybe some still get inspired

By a pop song