Daily Archives: November 1, 2017

Copy And Paste

You must demonstrate
your devotion to The Struggle
through copying and pasting

You will bring down the State that way

Perhaps someone will be moved
by the words
Begin their own path forward
through your furious impassioned mashing
of keys

I won’t deny that there is a place
for some of us in those clicks and strokes

I won’t deny that sometimes
I feel less timid
after sharing

after seeing who liked it
after seeing who shared it

I have a spreadsheet of justice
shorter perhaps
than Santa Claus’s

Mine says
naughty nice and dangerous
at the top

It has columns
and pivot tables

I keep track of shares and likes
and originators and sometimes
I make a little mark about those
who never do anything

My spreadsheet of justice
tells me who I should love

Copy and paste this if
you want to end injustice
or stop cancer

Someone is always
watching and 

or be suspect