Daily Archives: November 21, 2017

The Five Seasons

One week from tonight
we’ll be deep into 
the Season Of What Else
Could Possibly Happen

We’ll be shaking our heads
and staring out the window
at something coming to pass
we never imagined

because our imaginations
have been limited
by the Season Of
It Can’t Happen Here

One year from tonight
we’ll be shaking our heads
at the Season Of
How Is This Happening

even as some folks
shake their heads at us
shaking our heads as if
anything happening is

unprecendented and
could not have been foreseen
As if all the seasons before this
were not the Seasons

Of How The Hell
Can You Not
Be Seeing What Is
Right Under Your Noses

and How Is It
That You Cannot See
Yourselves In Such 
A Mirror As This One