Daily Archives: June 4, 2017

The Sun I Used To Envision

The sun I used to envision
when I thought about
happiness (that word
that has to be attached 
to something to be 
real, that must be embodied
for it to mean anything)

has set over there, behind
my last memory of peace,
partially obscured by
an unstable cliff that might slide
into my path any minute now 
and remind me of coming out
from a tunnel high up on the caldera 
outside Alamogordo, New Mexico
as rain poured a pure red waterfall
laden with stone and mud
into the road

and I stopped 
to look at it, afraid to drive ahead
into the city of atoms, unable to
turn around and return to
the reservation behind me

with its answers I could not learn,
watching this stream
tear across the asphalt
as if sent then by my happiness
to say you shall not pass,
you may not approach, this

is the limit and the sun you’ve envisioned
when you think of happiness
has set and this memory
of torrent and darkness and 
blocking will define
your road from here.


My people 
I tell you 

I am a broken bottle
and though I can hold

neither wine for celebration
nor water for survival

what is left of me
is yours to use

as decoration
(let my shards

be shattered further
into mosaic bits) or

as defense (let my ends
be cemented into walls

to serve as teeth) or even
for offense (take me in hand and

swing me
as needed) 

Though I hope
I will be art for you

I will not flinch from being
fang or blade

for you my people
who will have need of all 

of what little I can offer now
in these latter days

Patreon update

Many thanks to those of you who’ve spent some time looking at the Patreon site I recently created, with special thanks to those of you who’ve pledged.  I’m prepping the first rewards now; it’s a slow process due to a pinched nerve I have in my hand which is hindering my typing to some extent.  But it’s exciting, and I’ll be sending them out soon.

For more information, you can visit the site here, or check out the related page on this site under the tab at the top of the home page.