Daily Archives: June 28, 2017

Rules For Buying A Used Guitar

Do not do it
at first sight
unless the caravan
in which it resides
is leaving shortly
and you may never
see it again

and it gives you
a song unbidden
when you touch it
for the first time.

Do not do it
at second glance.
Play it while shaking
your head the whole time.
Hang it back on the wall
while shaking your head.
Shake your head
and walk away. If 
a song comes to you,
take it home and play it
on another guitar, 

or sit up late shaking your head
to the rhythm, singing softly
while twisting your fingers
around and around 
in the air as if the neck 
was lying easy in your hands.

If upon third encounter
the song has not come
then it’s not yours
to seek and you should
put it back on the wall gently,
as you might set a wand
back into a dreaming
sorcerer’s hand;

if all else fails
and you think you can hear
some slight melody
as you shake your head trying
to decide,
check your wallet
and if you’re broke and
it will hurt? Buy it

at once, before you change your mind.