Daily Archives: June 1, 2017

A Prayer For Those Against

For those

who have made
their existence in pain
that shifted early from
personal and acute
to social and chronic,
against their will
how long it takes
to go from one gasp
of strained breath
to a lifelong struggle
for dignity, life, air;

for those
who see doors
open for some
and closed to others,
those who cry out
against the custom
of closing doors, those
who kick against 
doors that are already closed,
those who put themselves
in the way of closing doors;

for those
forced to war against war
and those who reluctantly step to war
and those who step back from war
and those who lead others
to step aside from war;

for all those
arrayed against
what hurts and strangles
and blocks and combats.

I see you, am
with you,
not against you;

hear you and say
listening, not
talking over you;

yes, right here,
not over there; say
with you,
by your side, 
at your back,
at your service, 
at your call.