Daily Archives: June 3, 2017

Library Tale

Look at this book —

torn pages from it — a math
textbook — no mystery
as to what has been excised —
missing the entire
chapter on quadratic 
equations as indicated by
a peek at the table of contents —
who would do such a thing — thieves
stealing functions — 

And this book —

Organic Chemistry —
missing a chapter called
Introduction to Synthesis — how will
we learn synthesis without a proper
introduction now — who takes such things —
who deprives us of such 
knowledge as this — how
we are built into being
from the basics — 

Can’t find a full book

of history anywhere —
truncated civics lessons only — they’ve torn
proverbs from biographies and changed
dates, places — how we were before now — 

but these books

that display the flowers
typically used in funeral wreaths — these posters
of disarticulated bones, muscles — these ancient
paintings of Heaven opening to judgment of
the corporeal, the material, the easily
touched? All intact — all mounted
in places of great honor — all placed
within easy reach —

as holy books
would be

If (Mother Of Moons)

Originally posted 10-12-2016.


If a window opens in a wall 
where there has never been a window

and you are standing there at that moment 
to see it open.

If a second or so
of your memory is lost,

and afterward
you cannot describe how it happened.

If no bricks appear to have been displaced
by the appearance of the window,

and no sound accompanied
the appearance of the window.

If you do not show amazement
or fear upon the opening of the new window,

and the opening seems to you
as perfect as the breathing of a newborn.

If you hold your own newborn up to the window
to let them see the moon,

and you look out the window
into a maze of walls, windows, and light from other moons.

If you recognize that none of the walls and windows
look anything like your own,

and the light from the other moons
changes you.

If you choose at that moment to call yourself
Mother of Moons,

though you have always been this;
if you are naming this for the first time,

then go out 
to seek other windowless walls

and stand in front of them 
until they change;

as every examined wall
becomes a window, 

as all the windows 
spring open at once,

you will know then how much turned
upon you taking hold of that given secret name.