USA, July 2016

It’s still early.

Still only beginning to be
unpleasantly hot here.

Still looks to be a bad one for the garden
and the people. 

I have a hose with a problem
called a drought.
I have a political lawn sign
with a problem called
a small matter of 
a war in the streets.

I had a little love for many.
I have turned that into
a lot of love for a few
and the rest can shrivel
or burn or both. I don’t have
time for them — there’s
a small matter of a war and
also a drought.  

I had a bet down on getting out of here
before it got too hot
but I’m a loser and a sore one
at that

so now I have a problem
with a drought and a 
problem with a war
and a political sign and a hose
won’t do me much good — can’t
fly out of here on a sign,
can’t keep a battle off my lawn
with a hose, not anymore.

And it’s still early,
or at least it’s still early in this dry heat
of a summer, early in the skirmishes,
early in this last late show about 
problems with drought 
and war and lost wagers
that it wouldn’t come to this,

and not a drop of cooling in sight.

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9 responses to “USA, July 2016

  • Eileen

    Lea’s village isn’t far from Albi where traditional Catholics died trying to protect the heretics who were their friends and neighbors from the Pope’s French army. Perhaps it’s time for us to put our lives on the line for others.

  • Eileen

    Remembering Chicago and Kent State and children dying and our house in Houston being bombed …..thought for sure we were headed for a bloody race war…….Martin Luther King saved us from it. Maybe a lot of us now of difference races, whose children and grandchildren are best friends will make the difference.

  • Léa

    Ah, and now you also have the GMO’s… Sorry, that is another poem no doubt? Perhaps for those of us who have left the slogan is “Don’t buy American”? Bonne chance mon ami!

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