Tough Going

Originally posted 11/4/2013.

To wake before dawn
is to wrestle
a fat, angry angel
every morning, one
who would prefer 
I stay asleep indefinitely.

We struggle until I put that angel 
into brief submission, then go about
this life where the easy stuff
takes forever to do
and the impossible presents itself
as regularly as church.

Weight and difficulty
are what I know best.
Some of us, it seems,
are born to be
ground underfoot,
born to wear out.

I trust the universe
to get it right,

and when the last of me crumbles,

my remains will serve some purpose,
I’m certain, for that fat and angry angel
who will crush me 
and then lift me
from where I’ve mingled with dust.

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One response to “Tough Going

  • Eileen

    I’ve gotten about 1000 posts behind in my reading. Trying to get off pain pills now after back surgery, so wandering the house in the middle of the night like a caged tigress. Decided to back track to catch up on posts that I don’t want to delete without reading and came to this one, Timely! As always you capture the struggle so well. I particularly like the paradox: who will crush me, then lift me tenderly from where I’ve mingled with the dust.

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