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Reserved For Those Who Remain Neutral…

Originally posted 11/19/2015.

The hottest places? No.
Dante knew better. 
The cold places — the ones
where a candle in the crisis wind
into a red icicle of pointless pose —
that’s where the neutral ones belong.
Hear them sniffling,
wriggling as they hang stiffly
on the fence.

Those of us on either side of a question 
who cannot cease raging and roaring 
may be wrong, may be right,
may burn in hell
for what we believe
or perhaps shall rise 
the glorious sun.

We may believe
in neither heaven nor hell,
but we do believe
in heat.


Collaborative poem

The good folks at the online journal Radius, seeking to address in some way this deeply disrupting historical moment, asked a number of past contributors to contribute to a collaborative poem addressing the theme of “Violence And Heartbreak.”  

From editor Victor Infante’s post on the journal’s Facebook page:

“When the air radiates heartbreak, as it does now, there is no one effective way to speak to it as an artist. It’s too big, and too multilayered to be captured succinctly. We asked several of our favorite poets to try anyway. The result is a composite poem by Marvin Bell, Eirean Bradley, Tony Brown, Jenith Charpentier, Lea C. Deschenes Richard Fox, Suzanne Lummis, Heather Mac, Ellyn Maybe, Jaimes Palacio, Sholeh Wolpe and myself.”

This was the result.  

Thanks for the opportunity. Proud to be a part of it.