Daily Archives: July 1, 2016

Knucklehead (Dig)

Dig the white behind
my eyes, white within
my heart; in the blood
enough of me is white
to mask what is not, 
but dig it, it’s there — mostly now
just a dark itch,
a reminder of fires
and bullets under the skin,
burrowed, shattering, 
leaving the path
by which white 
got in; dig 

a recognition
of how I will likely
fail at last — torn
apart by my parts,
split open, pieces
separating and falling aside
like halves of a body
in an old and violent
cartoon.  Dig how in fact I am
an old and violent cartoon

forever imagining
fictional demises
I come back from
in the next reel, different
but the same, same old
same old fucked up
half and half,
same old mess
everyone thinks
is playing for laughs —

dig that crazy headdress,
dig those big brown eyes,
dig those whines, those pains,
that history no one
cares to address, 
that incompetence 
which is only to be expected,
that blood with the dark tinge,
that white white scar all over him
and inside him, 
that white white being he is
never going to not be. Dig
how deep he digs to try and
get past it.
Dig the hole
where he lies down,
hoping to sleep.