Daily Archives: July 29, 2016

Dig These Cozy Homes

Dig these cozy homes
hiding lockboxes full 
of dark

these thick lawns seething
with maggots from bodies

those smiles with those teeth
flecked in new flesh red
and old bone brown

Dig unmitigated miles of this 
Dig them wrong or right but 
there for sure and certain

of staying put 
no matter what happens
Dig their home security signs

in their politely policed windows
Dig facade voices
turned up full blast to drown out

their pet ghosts
in their lockboxes

those sounds
of chewing
from below their feet 


Dig history saying
Ha and 
HeeHee and HoHo

Dig history
with keys in hand
and a shovel

Dig history
handing them to you
Dig history saying

Put up or shut up
Shut them down