Daily Archives: July 3, 2016

The Priesthood

Originally posted 8/11/2012.

Priests of every stripe 
will tell you one thing
and forget to tell you 

They are politicians as much as they are
holy men and women.
They will do what’s right for them,
say it’s right from God.

If you want knowledge you can trust,
don’t ever listen to a human.
Get to an ocean or desert
or a mountain; in fact go

anywhere high desert and mountains
drop into the ocean.
Go sit near the shore for a week
or a few years.  

You’ll get 
everything you need.  

I would tell you 
to keep it to yourself
and not risk creating
a priesthood,

but it tends to follow.  
You will end up 
lying about it 
to others,

telling yourself
it’s for their own good,
but it will be, of course,
for your own:

that’s the nature
of it, the message straight
from God: we will always
mess up the truth and have to

look for it again
where the high and bright dry
meets the cold
deep dark.