Daily Archives: June 30, 2016


Very pleased to receive my contributor’s copy of “Delirious,” an anthology of poems in tribute to Prince, in today’s mail.

Thanks to NightBallet Press for including my poem, “For You.”

Here’s where to get it, and its entry on Goodreads.  

Collard Greens, Hummingbirds, And Spider Silk

With my eyes lightly closed I see
a river of red circles flowing on black
from lower left to upper right. 

I clamp down harder;
that river stops its purposeful flow,
begins to swirl.

I try to see detail of those circles,
or of the black behind the river,
but there’s nothing more.

Press a finger to a lid
and the river lights up
as if I was viewing

a campfire’s light
from around a bend
before coming directly upon it.

What’s the point, you ask,
of trying to see
with your eyes closed,

but also of trying
to describe it well enough
so others can see it too?

I respond, one of these days
I may come around that bend
and see that fire.

Maybe it will be a cooking fire.
Maybe there will be roasted meat,
collard greens, people 

at rest around it, songs
like hummingbirds, skin
like spider silk. It would be

a good place to be,
a good place to end up,
but I’d hate to end up all alone there

so this is my way of leaving a trail
to that place you see
when your eyes are closed,

when a final finger
presses them


Ahead, wooded foothills.
Farther ahead, green and gray
mountains. White patches
here and there upon them — snow
this late seems unlikely

but it has been 
an unlikely year. These
may be instead 
well-lit patches of
odd stone recently exposed,
perhaps by rockslides.
I know so little 
of mountains, though;

it’s pointless to speculate,
and now I find 
a longing within
for a companion
who knows more of mountains
than I do.

I find such longing
within me often this year;
this has been an unlikeable
year and to have
someone beside me
who has seen
such years before
might keep me
from drifting too early
into those mountains.
This road I’m on
will take me there
soon enough,
take me to see
if those white stains are 
slides of stone
or slides of snow,
but there’s much country
to cross before then and 

to have a guide,
a shadow partner who 
could say “calm, stay calm,
all will be revealed in time”
whenever I am transfixed by
dangerous considerations
of what’s coming

would make this journey
easier if not less
fraught with fear.