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People find this blog and my poetry in different ways.  Some follow the page on Facebook and Twitter, where links to the poems are cross-posted whenever I put them up.  There are a handful of folks who’ve been diehard followers from back in the LiveJournal days who get it via RSS feeds there on the site and in their mail each day.  (Yes, people are still on LiveJournal.)  All told, those outlets feed to just under 1000 people.

At the core, however, are those of you who subscribe directly through WordPress. And as of this past weekend, we crossed the threshold and there are now 1000 of you here.

Thanks to all who read the poems, wherever you are…this extended effort at self publishing and making an entire body and process of Work available to all would not be possible without you. 




Originally posted 12/27/2012.

We’ve exhausted all leads;
the clock’s running out. People
died. Who and what
to blame is all we care to know

but we’re broke and broken 
and we’re out of time. 
If we want to get past 
who did what 
and learn how to stop it

we are going to have to start time again.
Build it all again differently —
more windows and doors,
fewer walls.  Most of all,

we’re going to have to
build a better clock.
Something with longer hours,
days, years.

Something based on
the Mayan model,
perhaps.  Something
with resets.