Daily Archives: June 14, 2016


Not so much
a hierarchy 
of classes
as one of castes here:

Greenback Caste, 
Faint Hope To Prosper Caste,
Edgewalker Caste,
Underwater But Bobbing Up Now And Then Caste,
Bottomed Out Caste;

solid, none too porous,
none devoid of nuance,

each with special provisions
for how 
you or your parents looked,
how you live and love,

how you are what you are;

not splintering, not 
softening, not becoming
more pleasant.

Easy enough now
to move
down the ladder. 

Harder than ever 
to climb it.

this vertical can stand
intact forever — 

it cannot stand
but i
t will take more 
than talk 
and lightly scuffed skin
to tear it down.

It cannot stand,
and when it comes down
it will come down hard,

stone from the sky
falling in fire, wailing
a storm behind,
splashing everything
with ruin
right down
to the last greenback
and marble arch.

The Pyramids remind us

that even with massive slave-built bases
that made them strong,

that even while stripped and roughed
they remain impressive to this day,
after all is said and done
they are today
just empty tombs
for men who long ago
turned to dust.