Looser Than Lucifer

Radio preacher, how you do talk —

lips looser than Lucifer’s,
forever spitting hate
from a so-called Christian face.

Did your God forget
to put a muzzle on your judgment
when He laid His manly paw
upon you to make you,
or are you insisting 
He was perfect at the craft
and this is — YOU are– 
are as good as it can get?
Are you really your God’s
best marketer, making claims
for your own humility
before Him
even as you
aggrandize yourself 
and scrape
another layer of patience
off of me?

Radio preacher, get you gone — 

you sticky fingered priest,  
you knife tongue pastor,
you pope of the nighttime rope,
you saint of the burning necklace,
you deacon of past prejudice and future petrified heart,
you congregant in the church of bending love
into daggers and handcuffs,
you bishop of murder under the high altar:

your game is
looser than Lucifer,

who at least
did not hide his dark hatreds
behind a Cross,
who at least
owned his pride
at not being in the slightest way
anything like God.

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